Tim Thomerson
DHS- Tim Thomerson (Submerged, Con Express, Final Approach- 2007)
Name: Joseph Timothy "Tim" Thomerson
Birthplace: Coronado, CA, USA
Birthdate: 8 April, 1946
Active: 1975–present
Films appeared in: Blast
Con Express
Air Marshal
Final Approach
Role: Police Commissioner (Blast)
Crane (Crossfire)
Owen Cantrell (Submerged)
Bill Barnes (Con Express)
Senator Chambers (Air Marshal)
Captain Noonan (Final Approach)

Tim Thomerson (born April 8, 1946) is a comedian and actor perhaps best known for his appearances in the Trancer and Dollman film series for Full Moon Features. He has appeared in far more mainstream material such as Near Dark (with Lance Henriksen), Air America (with Mel Gibson) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (with Johnny Depp).


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