Captain Skip Lang is one of the central heroes in the first four of five Operation Delta Force films.

Operation Delta ForceEdit

DHS- Frank Zagarino and Jeff Fahey in Operation Delta Force

Appearing (on the left) in Operation Delta Force

In the original film, Lang is portrayed by Jeff Fahey.


Operation Delta Force 2: MaydayEdit

In the second film, Skip is portrayed by Michael McGrady. In this film, he helps lead the team into stopping the takeover of a cruise ship after another botched mission and bemoaning his superior's bureaucratic nature along with the other team members. He and his father help stop a terrorist group that has taken over a submarine.


Operation Delta Force 3: Clear TargetEdit

DHS- Jim Fitzpatrick in ODF 3

Appearing in Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target

In the third film, Capt. Lang is portrayed by Jim Fitzpatrick. He helps lead the team into taking over an enemy train while evading swarms of the terrorist's helicopters and helps seize the hacker responsible for the attacks. Later, he must help coordinate the team into taking down the main submarine housing the terrorist nuclear device.


Operation Delta Force 4: Deep FaultEdit

Greg Collins in Operation Delta Force 4 Deep Fault

Skip's final appearance in Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault

In the fourth film, Skip succumbs to gunfire wounds after being trapped and foiling the main terrorist plot there. He manages to gun down more enemy opposition and later dies just as Mac McKinney and others help foil the villain's plan.

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