Kevin James as Paul Blart.

Paul Blart
was the main protagonist of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

He was portrayed by Kevin James.

Character BiographyEdit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Paul's early life except that he went to high school with James Kent and was abused by him. At one particular time, he was set on fire by Kent at the pancake festival. Paul married as an adult but his wife left him after getting American citizenship, leaving him to stay with his mom and his daughter Maya.

Mall CopEdit

While his family tried to get him into, Paul was trying to become a State Trooper in New Jersey. But he had hypoglycemia, so he fell asleep every time. As a security guard at the West Orange Pavillion Mall, Paul fell in love with a woman named Amy who worked there. He almost broke their relationship when he accidentally got drunk because alcohol instantly turns to sugar in the bloodstream. On Black Friday, Paul was unaware that the mall was being taken over by thieves. However, he was able to take down the criminals and save Amy and Maya who were being held hostage. He and Amy married later on.


Paul is known for having a soft heart. He tries desperately to make things right but sometimes can't help himself. He is also intelligent and quick-witted, although his bulk and hypoglycemia make him tire quickly. 

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