Marcus Aurelius
DHS- Marcus Aurelius actor (in Full Contact)
Birthplace: United States
Birthdate: N/A
Active: 1992–present
Films appeared in: Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero
Strategic Command
Black Thunder
Dragon Fighter
Role: Sabian (Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero)
Ernie Wells (Strategic Command)
Hinkle (Black Thunder)
Dr. Greg Travis (Dragon Fighter)

Marcus Aurelius is an actor who, in addition to guest-starring on various crime procedural shows and playing a police officer in the 1998 comic book adaptation Blade (with Wesley Snipes) has often been seen in various low-budget or B-movie productions. He appeared in the Die Hard scenario films Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero, Strategic Command (A.K.A. Executive Command) and Black Thunder. In the former, he played on of the various Islamic villains while in the latter two films, he played one of the main heroes assisting main protagonist Michael Dudikoff.


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