Mac McKinney is one of the heroes of the Operation Delta Force series.

Operation Delta ForceEdit

DHS- Frank Zagarino and Jeff Fahey in Operation Delta Force

Appearing (on the right) in Operation Delta Force

In the 1997 original film, he is first seen being portrayed by Frank Zagarino.

Operation Delta Force 2: MaydayEdit

In the second sequel, he is portrayed by Robert Patteri.

Operation Delta Force 3: Clear TargetEdit

DHS- Greg Collins in ODF 3 Clear Target

Appearing in Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target

In the third film, he is portrayed by Greg Collins. During the final mission, he almost drowns stopping the submarine from crashing and destroying the Statue of Liberty in New York and while helping his comrades stop the terrorist attacks.

Operation Delta Force 4: Deep FaultEdit

DHS- Joe Lara in Operation Delta Force 4

Mac (on the left)

In the second to last film of the series, Mac makes his final appearance. He is portrayed by Joe Lara.

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