John Doman
DHS- John Doman
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthdate: January 9, 1945
Active: 1993-present
Films appeared in: Die Hard with a Vengeance
Mercury Rising
Sniper 3
Role: Foreman (Die Hard 3)
Supervisor Hartley (Mercury Rising)
Paul Finnegan (Sniper 3)

John Doman (born Jan. 9, 1945) is probably best known for playing Deputy Police Commissioner William Rawls on the HBO series "The Wire". He appeared in various movies, such as Cop Land (with Sylvester Stallone, Vincent Laresca and Robert Patrick), City by the Sea, Mystic River, Sniper 3 (with Tom Berenger and Byron Mann) and Blue Valentine. Doman has also guest-starred on various other shows and currently co-stars on the 2014 FOX TV series "Gotham".


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