J.T. Walsh
DHS- J.T. Walsh
Name: James Thomas Patrick Walsh
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Birthdate: September 28, 1943
Active: 1982–1998
Films appeared in: Loaded Weapon 1
Executive Decision
The Negotiator
Role: Desk Clerk (Loaded Weapon 1)
Chief of Staff (Outbreak)
Senator Mavros (Executive Decision)
Warren "Red" Barr (Breakdown)
Terence Niebaum (The Negotiator)

J.T. Walsh (born September 28, 1943; passed away February 27, 1998) was an Emmy-nominated character actor who's credits included: Good Morning, Vietnam (with Forest Whitaker), Tequila Sunrise (with Kurt Russell), The Russia House (with Sean Connery), A Few Good Men, Sniper (with Tom Berenger), Red Rock West (with Nicolas Cage and Dennis Hopper), Blue Chips, Outbreak, Sling Blade, Breakdown (again with Russell) and Pleasantville.


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