Gary Carlos Cervantes
DHS- Gary Carlos Cervantes (Firetrap, Final Approach)
Name: Gary Anthony Cervantes
Birthplace: Maywood, California, United States
Birthdate: 24 January, 1953
Active: 1974–present
Films appeared in: Commando
Walker, Texas Ranger
Land of the Free
Final Approach
The Unit
Role: Diaz (Commando)
Vargas (WTR)
Grand Jury Foreman (Land of the Free)
Geiger (Firetrap)
Dan Cassidy (E-Ring)
Agent Stanley (Final Approach)
Security Guard (The Unit)

Gary Carlos Cervantes (born January 24, 1953 ) is a character actor who has appeared in over 160 motion pictures and television shows. His film credits include: Scarface, Commando, Traffic, The Ring, Coronado, Fracture and The Good Doctor.


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