Fredric Lehne
DHS- Fredric Lehne (Con Air, Submerged, TDKR)
Name: Fredric G Lehne
Birthplace: Buffalo, N.Y., United States
Birthdate: February 3, 1959
Films appeared in: Con Air
Family Under Siege
The Dark Knight Rises
Role: Pilot (Con Air)
Richard Layton (Submerged)
Tom Baxter (Family Under Siege)
Exchange Security Chief (TDKR)
General Mark Osborne (Crisis)

Fredric Lehne (born February 3, 1959; A.K.A. "Fredric Lane") is an American actor best known for playing the demon Azazel on the show "Supernatural" and portraying Marshall Edward Mars on "Lost". Lehne's film credits include: Men in Black (with Tommy Lee Jones) and Zero Dark Thirty. He also appeared in the 1997 Jerry Bruckheimer production Con Air, the 2000 DTV Fred Olen Ray film Submerged and the 2012 Christopher Nolan comic book blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.


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