Erika Eleniak
DHS- Erika Eleniak
Birthplace: Glendale, California, United States
Birthdate: 29 September, 1969
Active: 1982–present
Films appeared in: Under Siege
The Pandora Project
Stealth Fighter
Final Voyage
Christmas Rush
CSI: Miami
Role: Jordan Tate (Under Siege)
Wendy Lane (The Pandora Project)
Erin Mitchell (Stealth Fighter)
Gloria (Final Voyage)
Catherine 'Cat' Morgan (Christmas Rush)
Julie Hayes (Shakedown)
Claire Peterson (CSI: Miami)

Erika Eleniak (born September 29, 1969) is an American actress and model who was a former Playboy Playmate and best known for her role in the show "Baywatch" as Shauni McClain. She also starred in the films E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, 1988's remake of The Blob, the 1991 movie version of The Beverly Hillbillies and Tales From the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood. Recent film and television credits include: The Librarians (A.K.A. Strike Force, with William Forsythe and Andrew Divoff), Dracula 3000 (with Casper Van Dien), Caught in the Headlights (with Kim Coates), Absolute Zero (with Jeff Fahey), "CSI: Miami" and "Desperate Housewives".

Eleniak appeared in the Die Hard scenario films Under Siege, Stealth Fighter, Final Voyage and Christmas Rush (A.K.A. Breakaway), all in heroine or victim roles.


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