General Edward Clegg
General Edward Clegg on Olympus Has Fallen
Name: Edward Clegg
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Nationality: United States of America
Affiliation: United States Army
Profession: United States Army Chief of Staff (Olympus Has Fallen)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (London Has Fallen)
Rank: General
Status: Alive
Played by: Robert Forster
Film: Olympus Has Fallen
London Has Fallen

General Edward Clegg is a high-ranking Army General. He was Army Chief of Staff in Olympus Has Fallen and later became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in London Has Fallen. He is portrayed by Robert Forster

Olympus Has FallenEdit

While the White House was under attack by North Korean terrorists, Clegg and his top advisors arrived in the Crisis room at The Pentagon and tells everyone to get the Rapid Response Them from Andrews Base moving. He asked NSA Deputy Director Ray Monroe about the situation. After Monroe tells him that the front fence has been breached as well as the C-140 burning south of the White House and the gunfight is occurring at the North Lawn, Clegg is shocked by the recent developments. He asked Secret Service director Lynne Jacobs where President Benjamin Asher is and Jacobs confirms that he's in the P.E.O.C. bunker below the White House. After a few minutes, Clegg impatiently asked where the response them. Monroe says that they are a few minutes out, but he and Jacobs say the P.E.O.C. has gone offline, fearing a hostage situation is at hand.

After the White House was taken, a live video feed from the bunker and it was South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo on screen. General Clegg tried to speak to Lee on the video conference, but was shot in the head by the mastermind, which shocked Clegg and everyone in the Pentagon. Then the terrorists bring the captive President Asher to the feed, who quickly warns The Pentagon not to negotiate before being pulled away from the camera. The mastermind, who disguised himself as the head of Lee's security detail and chief aide, appeared. He tells Clegg that he has their Commander-in-Chief and orders his troops to stand down. General Clegg asked the leader who is he. The terrorist only replies that he is the man in control of the White House and again orders him to stand his troops down. Clegg hesitated for a moment and orders his units to stand down and the mastermind shut off the video feed. The general tells everyone that they are at DEPCOM 4.

When Speaker of the House Allan Trumbull arrived and took over as acting President, Clegg tells that they secured a perimeter in the White House and cleared within 10 block radius. Around 9:55 PM, General Clegg hears that they have contact inside the White House from the President's satellite phone. After Trumbull asked if it was the President and the voice of the caller reveals it wasn't, Clegg silently wondered who it is. Then the caller was revealed to be Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent. When Banning asked if the President is in the bunker, Clegg puts the speaker on mute before Jacobs can answer, cautiously asking her if Banning can be trusted. Jacobs vouches Banning to him and the others, but Clegg hears from Monroe that Banning was removed the Presidential Detail after the car accident that killed First Lady Margaret Asher. Jacobs say to Trumbull and everyone that Banning is ex-Special Forces with the 75th Ranger Regiment. As everyone in the Crisis Room realized that they have no other intelligence coming from inside the White House, Trumbull nodded to Clegg to put Banning back on. After the general unmutes the speaker, he listens to the call as Jacobs tells Banning that President Asher is held hostage in the bunker. Banning gives them the situation report.

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