DHS- Deaths on The Rock (1996)

This is a list of deaths confirmed to have happened on The Rock.

The RockEdit

body count
Victim's name Killer's name Cause
1 Hummel's Marine #1 VX gas Accidentally dropped bead of VX gas and died in seconds
2 SEAL one member #1 Hummel's marine Shot to death
3 SEAL Boyer Captain Darrow Shot to death
4 SEAL one member #2 Hummel's marine Shot to death
5 SEAL one member #3 Hummel's marine Shot to death
6 SEAL Reigert Hummel's marine Shot to death
7 SEAL Dando Hummel's marine Shot to death
8 SEAL one member #4 Hummel's marine Shot to death
9 Hummel's Marine A SEAL one member #1 Shot to death
10 SEAL one member #5 Hummel's marine Shot to death
11 Commander Anderson Captain Darrow Shot in the back
12 Lieutenant Shephard Captain Frye Shot in the head
13 SEAL one member #6 Hummel's marine Shot to death
14 Private Scarpetti John Mason Thrown knife into neck
15 Private Gamble John Mason Feet shot out/Crushed by falling furnace into head
16 Captain Hendrix John Mason Feet set on fire/Fall into water
17 Sergeant Rojas John Mason Swept off the lift, falls off rocky waterfall
18 Hummel's Marine B Stanley Goodspeed Shot three times
19 Hummel's Marine C John Mason Broken neck
20 Sergeant Crisp General Frank Hummel Shot in the neck
21 Major Tom Baxter Captain Frye Shot once in chest
22 General Frank Hummel Captain Frye Shot twice in chest
23 Captain Darrow Stanley Goodspeed Pushed by M55 rocket, falls into fence post
24 Private McCoy John Mason Pushed off the roof
25 Private Cox John Mason Straggled by chains
26 Captain Frye Stanley Goodspeed Poisoned by VX gas
The Rock total = 26

Not includedEdit

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified or they died off-camera.

The RockEdit

  • The FBI agents pursuing Mason in the car chase in San Francisco we're injured while Mason clipped the power down to stop the pursuing vehicles.

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