DHS- Howie Long in Firestorm

This is a list of deaths confirmed to have happened on Firestorm.


body count
Victim's name Killer's name Cause
1DavisRandall ShayeStabbed in the neck
2Prison Guard #1Randall ShayeShotgun round into back
3Prison Guard #2Randall ShayeStabbed in the head
4WilkinsRandall ShayeShotgun round into chest
5KargeRandall ShayeShot in the face three times
6LoomisRandall ShayePushed over cliff
7PackerRandall ShayeShot multiple times
8Wynt PerkinsRandall ShayeShotgun round into chest
9Randall ShayeJesse GravesFaced burned off by the firestorm

Not IncludedEdit

The following characters could not be included in their respective tables. Reasons include, but are not limited to: they were last seen in extremely life-threatening situations and whether they survived was unspecified or they died off-camera.


  • 17 men and women, including his own henchmen, were buried alive in a train tunnel by Randall Shaye prior to the events of the film.

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