David Morse
DHS- David Morse
Name: David Bowditch Morse
Birthplace: Beverly, MA, USA
Birthdate: October 11, 1953
Films appeared in: Desperate Hours (1990 remake)
The Rock
The Negotiator
16 Blocks
World War Z
Role: Albert (Desperate Hours)
Tom Baxter (The Rock)
Adam Beck (The Negotiator)
Edgar Clenteen (Bait)
Frank Nugent (16 Blocks)
The Ex-CIA Agent (World War Z)

David Morse (born October 11, 1953) is a character actor perhaps best known for his recurring roles on the TV series "St. Elsewhere" and "Treme" and the HBO mini-series "John Adams". He also appeared in films such as The Indian Runner (with Dennis Hopper and Viggo Mortensen), The Crossing Guard, Extreme Measures (with Gene Hackman), The Slaughter Rule, Disturbia and World War Z (with Brad Pitt and James Badge Dale).


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