D.C. Douglas
DHS- D.C. Douglas (Under Siege 2, 24, Final Approach)
Birthplace: Berkeley, California, USA
Birthdate: February 2, 1966
Active: 1988–present
Films appeared in: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Final Approach
Mass Effect 2
Star Trek (2013 videogame)
Role: Technician #1 (Under Siege 2)
Blake Simon (24)
Doug Ellis (Final Approach)
Legion / Geth VI / Additional Voices (Mass Effect)
Additional Voice-Overs (Star Trek videogame)

D.C. Douglas (born February 2, 1966) is an accomplished character and voice actor who's appeared in various blockbuster television shows, done video game and cartoon voice-overs and guest spots on television shows of various quality. His film credits include: Scarecrow Slayer (with Tony Todd), Sister's Keeper (with Eric Roberts), Black Ops (with Lance Henriksen and James Russo) as well as some indie and low-budget features, some of which were for The Asylum.


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