Colleen Camp
DHS- Colleen Camp
Name: Colleen Celeste Camp
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA, United States
Birthdate: 7 June, 1953
Active: 1973–present
Films appeared in: Last Action Hero
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Speed 2: Cruise Control
Trapped (2002)
Role: Ratcliff (Last Action Hero)
Connie Kowalski (Die Hard 3)
Debbie (Speed 2)
Joan Evans (Trapped)

Colleen Camp (born June 7, 1953) is an American character actress, comedienne, and producer, best known for her performances in two installments of the Police Academy series and as Yvette the Maid in the 1985 comedy Clue. Other movies she appeared in included Apocalypse Now (with Dennis Hopper and Harrison Ford) and Election.


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