"Me and my boys are cocked, locked and ready to rock."
―Captain Frye [src]

Captain Frye when he arrives with Captain Darrow

Captain Frye was one of General Francis X. Hummel's henchmen and a Marine. He was played by Gregory Sporleder. He is revealed to be the true main antagonist of The Rock after he killed Hummel.

The RockEdit

After Hummel and his men took Alcatraz, Frye and Captain Darrow landed on the island with some more men. Frye and Darrow were the marines that provoked the gunfight with Commander Anderson and his SEALs. He was eager to kill the innocent civilians of San Francisco.

Mutiny and DeathEdit

When Hummel changed to co-ordinates, Frye, Darrow and Sergeant Crisp were outraged. They provoked a mutiny against Hummel and Major Baxter. Frye killed both Hummel and Baxter in the gunfight.

With all his fellow marines dead, Frye pursued Stanley Goodspeed. They had a hand-to-hand fight, and when Frye had the upper hand, Goodspeed shoved the final bead of VX Gas into Frye's mouth and uppercutted him, poisoning him.

The Rock Characters
Heroes John Mason - Stanley Goodspeed
Villains General Frank Hummel - Major Tom Baxter - Captain Frye - Captain Darrow
Allies Commander Anderson - FBI Director James Womack - FBI Agent Ernest Paxton
Henchmen Captain Hendrix - Sergeant Crisp
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